About Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is walking with poles that look a bit like ski poles.

Like many great things, Nordic Walking was discovered by accident.

Skiers wanting to keep up their fitness and training in the off season would use their ski poles to walk and hike.

Eventually, some clever people realised that it was a great activity that lots of people could enjoy, and special Nordic Walking poles were created.

Nordic Walking poles have special gloves attached, which you slip on before gripping the top of the pole. While Nordic Walking you push weight down into the gloves, creating a great all over body workout. The poles also help with balance and stability.

You are completely in control of how intense your workout is depending on how fast you walk, how much pressure you put on your gloves, and using correct technique. You can choose anything from a leisurely stroll to full on session.

So why would you Nordic Walk instead of just go for a regular walk?

Nordic Walking:

  • Is a total body workout
  • Takes pressure off your joints
  • Many people who don’t enjoy regular walking find they love Nordic Walking
  • It’s fun and friendly
  • If you want to take it more seriously, there are lots of skills to learn
  • It’s a more effective way to exercise than walking but can be less tiring