Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would you Nordic Walk instead of just going for a regular walk?

A: Nordic Walking offers lots of benefits that walking doesn’t. Nordic Walking is a total body workout, where regular walking isn’t. And Nordic Walking takes pressure of your joints, making it much kinder on your body.

Q: I have never found an exercise that I like, why would Nordic Walking be any different?

A: Because Nordic Walking is fun – and it doesn’t feel like you’re working out while you’re doing it. It just feels like you’re outside enjoying the great ideas, but you’re actually getting a great workout at the same time.

Q: I find walking quite tiring, won’t Nordic Walking just make me worn out as well?

A: Many people who try Nordic Walking are very surprised that they feel energised after Nordic Walking, instead of the tiredness they feel after regular walking.

Q: I don’t have any Nordic Walking poles but would like to give it a try, what should I do?

A: Give Jill a call and book a lesson. Pole hire is included in your lesson, and your lesson will give you the chance to find out how much you enjoy Nordic Walking.

Q: I’m recovering from an injury, will I be able to try Nordic Walking?

A: It depends on your injury, and you should check with your doctor.

Q: Where can I go Nordic Walking?

A: Anywhere you can walk, you can Nordic Walk! Along the footpath, at the beach, in gardens, in the mountains. And you can buy collapsible poles that fit in you suitcase for when you’re going on a trip.

Q: I’m not sure about trying something new with a personal trainer, I’ve had some bad experiences with trainers, why will this be different?

A: Because Jill’s approach is different. She is supportive and her teaching style is warm and encouraging. Jill’s Nordic Walking sessions are not about working out until you drop. They are about enjoying yourself.

Q: I’d like to join one of Jill’s guided Nordic Walking groups but sometimes I won’t be able to get there because of work. Can I still join?

A: Yes. And you won’t pay for any guided group walks that you miss. Jill understands that everyone has busy lives. Just keep Jill in the loop and turn up when you.

Q: I’d like to try one of the guided Nordic Walking groups but I’m nervous that everyone will be really good and I’m just starting out, should I wait until I improve to join?

A: Please don’t wait! We have a real mix of abilities in the groups. They are fun and social. Please come along and try it out as soon as you’ve had a lesson with Jill – you won’t look back.